Lincolnshire local authorities greater control over death management

Local authorities have been given more powers to deal with a possible increase in coronavirus deaths.

Coronavirus update

The government’s Coronavirus Bill gives councils the ability to take control of the death management process if scientific advice shows that the number of people likely to die from COVID-19 will  “significantly exceed” local capacity.

It includes giving local authorities the power to:

Extend crematorium operating hours

Ask companies to use their vehicles to move bodies

Directing others, not directly involved in the funeral sector, to provide necessary support

The bill said: “Only in the most extreme situations where there is a risk to public health would the powers of direction be used and only be used when scientific evidence and operational advice suggests that it is necessary.

“Activating the powers will ensure the local death management system continues to work effectively to protect public health and the dignity of the deceased.

“Personal choice will be respected as far as possible, especially in regard to how we handle loved ones after they have passed.”

The bill gives new powers to coroners to sign death certificates and funeral directors to register deaths on behalf of families.

It suspends provisions relating to the collection of ashes, with a duty to retain them until the suspension is lifted.

It said: “We want to ensure the deceased are treated with the utmost respect and dignity and that the current procedures in relation to death and still-birth registration and management are modified to enable this and to protect public health.”