Louth care home becomes ‘first in the area’ to receive vaccinations

Staff and residents at the Wolds Care Centre in Louth were ‘delighted’ to be amongst the first people in the area to receive the coronavirus vaccination.

Doreen Teale receives her vaccination.

The vaccinations took place at the Wolds Care Centre and the Newmarket Medical Practice last week, and they were attended by two GPs and two nurses who helped to carry out a total of 90 vaccinations.

Care home manager, Becky Gemmell, said: “We have had a particularly difficult time over recent months with the Covid-19 pandemic and the vaccinations have given us light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

“I am thrilled we were given the first opportunity to be vaccinated and remain hopeful that this will further protect those we care for at The Wolds.

Nigel Perry receives his vaccination

“I wish to express my gratitude to all the professionals from Newmarket Medical Practice for coordinating the vaccines with us, and to our staff team at The Wolds for their constant dedication and outstanding care they deliver to our clients.”

The residents and staff were prioritised by the NHS to receive the vaccine which will now be rolled out to identified groups of people. The Covid-19 vaccine helps build up immunity to the virus enabling your body to fight it off more easily and reduce the risk of the virus by making the symptoms milder.

One of the residents said: “I feel very lucky to have this vaccine. It is like Christmas all over again.”

Becky added: “Our staff are so happy to be given the vaccine.

“We are positive it will help to keep our residents safe and is the first step in getting things back to normal.”

The Wolds Care Centre recently had a change of management when The HICA Group took on the responsibility of the home. The HICA Group is a not-for-profit organisation operating a portfolio of 17 care homes across northern Lincolnshire, East Riding, and Lancashire.