New long-Covid recovery programme to be launched in Boston

1Life Princess Royal Sports Arena is continuing to help in the fight against Covid with the launch of a subsidised long-Covid recovery programme.

The Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA) is to offer a long-Covid recovery programme.
The Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA) is to offer a long-Covid recovery programme.

The PRSA in Boston, which has also been operating as a mass vaccination centre through the pandemic, has announced the launch of a new ‘Covid Recovery Programme’.

This is a newly-designed service aimed at providing therapy and rehabilitation to those who have had Covid or are suffering with long-Covid symptoms.

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More than two million people in the UK have been left with debilitating symptoms after contracting Covid, which is negatively affecting their day-to-day life. Breathlessness, fatigue, muscle aches as well as cognitive impairment are all commonly reported long-Covid symptoms. Thanks to funding provided by Wellbeing Fitness and Leisure Community Trust, 1Life has received support from certified coaches to design and deliver the specialist programme which focuses on regaining strength and fitness.

Patients will receive an initial assessment followed by regular one-to-one sessions with a certified Covid recovery coach, as well as a personalised exercise programme, lifestyle and dietary advice and regular reviews along the way. The initiative is available at a subsided rate of 50% of the normal membership rate for the first three months.

The PRSA will also be continuing its support for the NHS by offering the site as a local vaccination centre, one of the first large-scale sites of its kind to open in the UK. Up to 1,000 vaccinations per day are being delivered here, helping to protect people in the Midlands from the effects of Covid. Vaccinations are being administered in the sports hall while all other facilities remain open and accessible to the public.

Lee Gaskin, National Fitness manager and contract manager for PRSA said, “We’re proud to have been working closely with the NHS since 2020, initially as a testing site and now as a mass vaccination facility. Likewise, our new long-Covid recovery programme should help ease some of the additional strain on the NHS by guiding and educating people on the best ways to recover from the lasting effects of Covid.”

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