Oldest care home resident at 102 receives vaccine in Skegness

A 102-year-old resident of a Skegness care home today became the oldest person vaccinated.by a RAF medical team

102-year-old Bea Rapley, t of Syne Hills Care Home in Skegness is in the pink after receiving her Covid-19 vaccine.

The team, accompanied by Dr Massey, administered the Astra Zenica vaccine to residents of the Syne Hills Care Home - including their oldest resident Bea Rapley.

"We have witnessed what we feel is a massive physical and psychological boost for us all today as we received our COVID-19 vaccines," said Cheryl Curtis, activities co-ordinator at Syne Hills.

"We consider ourselves very fortunate to have this vaccine brought to our home and cannot praise the RAF, and indeed our own staff, enough for making this a day to remember and celebrate.

A medical teak from the RAF delivered the vaccine to residents.

Resident Dylis said: "I was extremely happy with the organisation of it all and everyone did really well".

Another resident Ray said: "I sat there, put my arm up, said I was ready, and the lad said, 'It's all done!'. I didn't feel a thing!"

Carer Shanelle said: "I wasn't going to have the vaccine but after speaking to the doctor, he informed me that for every 20 team members vaccinated it will save one resident's life!, so I went ahead and had it."

Care home owner Christopher Sweeney said: "We can all sense the relief this 1st round of vaccine as brought, and the atmosphere has been electric all day! I am so proud of our team and we couldn't be happier for our residents."

Carers were told that for every 20 receiving the vaccine they would be saving a life.

Hayley Peace , Home Manager, added: " "I' m so very proud of my team and the RAF for making this an easy and a well-organised visit for our vaccinations.

"As you can see, we had such a positive experience from this whole process and any questions or worries were answered for us.

"We feel so much happier knowing we are another step closer to better protection against this horrible virus, but we are very mindful we still have more to do!

"Another great achievement was that the RAF was able to vaccinate our amazing lady in pink, who they say is their eldest person they have vaccinated at the great age of 102.

Redidents and carers at Syne Hills Care Home in Skegness are celebrating after receiving their vaccines.

"Stay safe everyone - we are just so happy!"

Staff and residents at Syne Hills Care Home in Skegness have received their vaccines.
Dancing for joy - residents and staff were so happy to get their vaccines.