Warriors walk funds equipment

The ICU Warriors set themselves an ambitious target when they decided to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge.
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The team from Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital wanted to raise funds to help buy a £15,000 Sara Combilizer for the hospital’s intensive care unit.

The walkers had raised around £1,000 before their walk recently, and the Boston League of Hospital Friends now stepped in to provide funds to pay for two of the vital machines, with money raised from the walk paying for other equipment and going to the BLHF.

Made up of eight staff from the ICU along with three supportive partners, the team who did the climbs were: Melissa Barton, Debbie Connolly, Zoe Wilkinson, Jacob Zmuda, Trish and Boni Tsuro, Claire and Stu Woodman, Radoslaw and Karolina Jurczuk-Andrzejuk, and Paulina Palus.

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Trish Tsuro said after the walk: “We were mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted! The plan had been to get to our hotel, get showered and dressed up for dinner and drinks. However, we literally hobbled and limped in just in time for dinner.

“We absolutely applaud Crooklands Hotel for their patience and hospitality

“By midnight, we were all ready for bed, most of us aching and hardly managing to walk.

“There was a great sense of achievement and comradeship. No-one had trouble sleeping!”

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She said the knowledge that the BLHF had helped them beat their target twice over was “exhilarating and it fuelled us on.

“I felt like we had to do it to make the sponsorship worthwhile.”

She said they were lucky with the weather because it was dry most of the time, and the wind was low, although there was some light snow on Pen-y-ghent.

“The sun peaked through late afternoon and the views were absolutely amazing!

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“We had lunch at the Harry Potter Bridge [the Ribblehead Viaduct] and chanced upon a waterfall.

“The scenery was simply breathtaking!”

Trish said the climb was more difficult than most of them expected, with even the fittest finding it hard going, but said it was really worth it in the end.

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