Covid-19 spring booster vaccination programme launched in Lincolnshire

The Covid-19 spring booster vaccination will launch in Lincolnshire and across the rest of the country this month.

This week has seen the vaccination teams delivering the covid-19 spring boosters to local care homes for older adults.

In Just under two weeks, the roll out will be widened to include people aged 75 and over, as well as individuals aged five years and over who are immunosuppressed.

Running until June 30, this latest part of the covid-19 vaccination programme will boost protection against covid-19 for those people most at risk.

“We will be offering the spring booster between April 17 and June 30, with those at highest risk being invited to come and see us first,” explains Karen Hewinson, Head of Clinical Services at Lincolnshire Community

Health Services NHS Trust.

“As with previous rounds of the covid-19 vaccination programme, eligible people will be called forwards and will be able to book an appointment via the National Booking Service from 5th April, or alternatively can opt to

wait until they are contacted by their GP practice.

“And please bear in mind that, with the spring boosters, assuming you are eligible you will be able to get your vaccination from April 17 to June 30 and not beyond this point. This 11 week window will apply across the

country, irrespective of where you choose to have your spring booster.”

In line with the spring booster campaign running until the end of June, the current offer of 1st and 2nd (primary) doses of the covid-19 vaccination for everyone aged five and over will also come to an end at the same time

on June 30. Anyone wishing to start their course of vaccines and want to come forward for their first dose should do so by May 5. This way staff will be able to administer the second dose before the Spring Campaign ends

on June 30.

“So with both the spring booster and the 1st and 2nd primary doses our message is clear – if you are eligible for either and would like to be vaccinated, please don’t leave it too late to have your vaccination and top up your protection,” adds Karen.

In a key development for Lincolnshire, the vaccination team will be operating from a new site in Wainfleet, which, alongside the Weighing Rooms in Lincoln, and GP and community pharmacy sites across the county, will

offer the spring boosters from April 17 onwards.

“We’re delighted to be able to open in Wainfleet and we’ll be operating out of the former Wainfleet Medical Practice premises on William Way. This new vaccination centre will operate just like our other sites across Lincolnshire, and we hope it will give people, particularly those on the east coast, greater choice,” notes Karen.

For more information on the forthcoming covid-19 spring boosters, including who is eligible and where to get vaccinated visit

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