Honouring Bob with new 'Brainwave' initiative

​Families at the beginning of their dementia journey with their loved ones can be helped with everything they need to make their lives easier.
Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.
Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.

Chris Suich, wife of former East Lindsey District Council head of Leisure and Tourism Bob Suich, is setting up a new care pack in Bob's name called Bob's Brainwaves, which can be distributed out to families and carers of those living with dementia, according to the Department of Public Health, the average age is 82 and 132 diagnosed per month

Bob began to experience memory loss when he was just 59 and was later diagnosed with young onset dementia, and Chris spent nine years caring for him herself at home.

Now she has launched the initiative so that others just starting out on their dementia journey can receive plenty of help:

Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.
Chris Suich with some of Bob's Brainwaves content.

"I wanted to offer this support to others as when Bob was first diagnosed, we had no idea what support was out there and this is everything that I found useful.

​”As a carer, you have no time to yourself to go searching through websites to find what forms you need to fill out and you may not have a printer at home, so this is all the help and information we found helpful in one easy pack.”

Bob’s Brainwaves’ packs would include necessary forms needed to apply for funding and help including blue badge parking applications, DVLA forms, attendance allowance, and the Herbert Protocol.

There is also information of local groups and organisations that can offer support, and even activities to keep the brainwaves of someone living with dementia ticking over, as well as widgits to help with communication.

Newly appointed health secretary Victoria Atkins, MP for Louth and Horncastle, has lent her support to Chris’s initiative.

She said: “Bob’s Brainwaves is an excellent support pack for new carers to those who are living with memory loss.

"Chris has utilised her personal experience as both a teacher and carer of her husband Bob to create a helpful pack that can be given to new carers at the point of diagnosis. This is not only useful and timesaving, but a helping hand from its inspiring founder.”

Mayor of Louth Coun Julia Simmons, who knows Bob well, has also said: “Science estimates that over one and a half million people will have dementia by 2040.

"Families affected by a diagnosis of dementia are often overwhelmed and do not know where to get the help that they so desperately need.

“The information in this "Bob's Brainwaves" pack will I am certain provide an invaluable resource in terms of emotional, financial, social and legal guidance. I have the great pleasure of knowing dear Bob and this is a great initiative in his name. It is my sincere hope that dementia patients and their carers continue to gain access to support and resources so that no-one has to face their journey alone."

It is hope that Bob’s Brainwaves will help to support local dementia initiatives, and will be launched in January in Louth initially, with plans to extend the reach of Bob's Brainwaves further afield to Mablethorpe and Skegness if it is successful.

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