Hospice marks its 10th year of end-of-life care and support to those with life-limiting illnesses

Staff at The Butterfly Hospice, in Rowan Way, Boston, have shared the following about the charity, as it marks its 10th anniversary.
The Butterfly Hospice in Boston.The Butterfly Hospice in Boston.
The Butterfly Hospice in Boston.

This milestone, 'A Decade of Care,' marks a significant chapter in providing exceptional life-limiting and end-of-life care in Boston and the wider Lincolnshire area.

Nestled in the heart of Boston, the Butterfly Hospice has been a beacon of hope and comfort for those facing life-limiting illnesses and at the end of life alongside healthcare partners, Lincolnshire Community Health Service.

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The journey began in August 2014 when the hospice doors opened to its very first patients and since then, tremendous growth and transformation have taken place with people’s needs being central to the delivery of care. Thousands of people across the County have accessed free, personalised and holistic care in the purpose-built facility.

Bridget MacPherson, chief executive of The Butterfly Hospice Trust said: “The vision for a hospice in Boston was to provide a ‘home from home’ stay for local people. This need was identified by local people and fought for. While there were challenges along the way, the loyal support from the community was incredible. They are to be commended for their faith and trust in the founding members of the charity, whose own determination and tenacity must also be applauded. The dream of a hospice became a reality and here we are 10 years on.”

What does personalised care mean to the Butterfly Hospice?

From a proposed idea at the turn of the Millennium, the Butterfly Hospice has flourished.

This growth can be attributed to the generosity of support from the local community who have trusted the charity to develop new initiatives to help people in the challenge of a terminal illness. Notably, the Therapy Service, which now runs alongside exceptional nursing care, supporting people in both their pre and post bereavement.

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Holly Watson, LCHS Clinical Lead at The Butterfly Hospice said: “Our hospice aims to bring light to the dark days, and every day really does matter to the people we are here to support. Our teams ensure that compassionate care is at the heart of all that we do. Little comforts are so important, as are the bucket-list wishes - so it’s been our absolute privilege to be part of enabling these. The decade at Butterfly has seen weddings, parties, celebrations of life, aeroplane flyovers, and pet visits to name a few. We strive to make every day count”

Key Achievements and Impact

Over the last 10 years, the Butterfly Hospice has achieved remarkable milestones that have left an indelible mark on the community:

2014: The hospice doors opened in partnership with LCHS, bringing both hope and care to the first patients.

2015: The charity expanded its retail presence with the emergence of new stores – 3 in total: Boston, Spalding, and Skegness, widening the hospice reach across Lincolnshire

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2016: A very 'positive' first Healthwatch visit was proudly received, a testament to the quality of care provided by the nursing teams.

2017: The development of the Memory Garden to enhance the hospice grounds brought solace and tranquillity to patients and their families.

2018: A corporate rebrand refreshed the charity's image, reflecting growth and commitment for both the charity and the hospice.

2019: The 5-year ‘Hospice Opening’ milestone was celebrated, acknowledging the continued support from the community.

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2020: A successful charity warehouse expansion enabled the operation of 5 retail stores ensuring the charity's continued sustainability and commitment to the wider ‘green agenda’.

2021: The charity and clinical partnership expanded to include The Sidings Medical Centre, so strengthening ties to the local primary healthcare network.

2022: The opening of the Therapy Village enabling an expansion of therapy and well-being services marked a significant and much needed new offer to local people.

2023: The dedication of the staff was recognised as the LCHS Team won the coveted Clinical Team of the Year at the Celebrating Success Awards and the Charity Team was nominated as Charity of the Year at the Lincolnshire Excellence Awards.

Introducing the 10-Year Stamp Mark

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To commemorate this significant milestone, The Butterfly Hospice Trust proudly unveils a brand-new 10-year stamp mark, symbolising an enduring commitment to transformation, hope, and rebirth. Designed by the talented Sam Burt (www.samburt.co.uk), the logo features the beloved butterfly, representing transformation and rebirth, surrounded by forget-me-nots, daffodils, and tulips symbolising remembrance and its connection to the county.

The logo takes a ‘Royal’ inspiration from recent years and also heralds back to the hospice being visited by the Princess Royal.

How You Can Make a Difference

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebrations, The Butterfly Hospice Trust aims to raise £100,000, all dedicated to directly enhancing the patient experience from small to large-scale projects.

Individuals can contribute in various ways, by donating in person, over the phone, or online. Every donation is invaluable as the charity relies solely on charitable contributions to maintain and develop the hospice.