Lincolnshire audiologist sets up practice after withdrawal of NHS ear wax removal service.

A Lincolnshire audiologist has set up a her own practice following the withdrawal of the NHS ear wax removal service at surgeries.
Surgeries no longer have to provide  ear wax removal service at surgeries on the NHS.Surgeries no longer have to provide  ear wax removal service at surgeries on the NHS.
Surgeries no longer have to provide ear wax removal service at surgeries on the NHS.

Philippa Page has opened Sofina Ear Care in Fulstow to serve Louth and surrounding towns and villages and bridge the gap in the service.

Government minister Edward Argar announced in September last year that people suffering from a build-up of ear wax were no longer entitled to have their ears syringed on the NHS in England.

However, he said if the wax was linked to hearing loss GPs could refer sufferers to "audiology services," which can provide hearing aids.

Philippa Page has opened Sofina Ear Care in Fulstow.Philippa Page has opened Sofina Ear Care in Fulstow.
Philippa Page has opened Sofina Ear Care in Fulstow.

Nationally this decision is being challenged with groups lobbying parliament.

The build-up of ear wax can lead to a number of health conditions, explained Philippa.

"I am a Local NHS Audiologist and through my work have seen a growing number of people suffering with blocked ears and struggling to get them cleared," she said.

"A wax blocked ear can be very uncomfortable and cause a temporary hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus. Wax can also cause hearing aids to whistle and be ineffective Speak to anyone who has suffered from it and its far more debilitating than you may originally think

Sofina Ear Care has opened in FulstowSofina Ear Care has opened in Fulstow
Sofina Ear Care has opened in Fulstow

"Across Lincolnshire some GP practices have grouped together and are providing a service for ear wax removal- but not all.

"Covid 19 and its disruption to medical services has also had a big impact and even where a practice still offers the service patients can be sitting on a waiting list for weeks.

"In some cases people are referred to ENT at a hospital and then the wait can extend to months. All this is putting pressure on what are already overstretched NHS services.

Sofina Ear Care offers wax removal services. "I use my 30 years experience as a hospital- based audiologist to provide Microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation ear wax removal," continued Philippa. "I am still working as Senior Audiologist for the NHS locally andam fully-qualified, registered and insured Ear Wax Removal.

"Unlike some other ear wax removal providers I do not sell hearing aids so people can be reassured there will be no pressure sales. I am soley here to clear ear wax but I am always happy chat through hearing concerns, share my knowledge and experience and give unbiased advice on ear and hearing care.

"I am dedicated to giving people a good experience at Sofina Ear Care and am passionate about people getting the best quality of life they can.

"Patents are seen in a comfortable private consultation room with ample free parking, everyone receives a detailed consultation regarding their ear health and then are offered ear wax removal and/or hearing tests as appropriate. Before and after photos are taken so people can see the improvement as well as feel it! A flat fee for wax removal is charged whether one or both ears need clearing.

"Whilst not everyone can afford to or will want to pay for a service that used to be readily available and free on the NHS."

"So for people wanting to have their comfort and clarity restored quickly and easily Sofina Ear Care is an accessible alternative"

For more info or to make an appointment people can call Philippa on 07498206130 or visit

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