Meetingbacks plansfor newhealth hub

Campaigners are stepping up a bid to bring a new million-pound-plus community run Care Hub to Horncastle.

As revealed in the News last month, the Lincolnshire Community Foundation and the Horncastle Well Being Fund are determined to provide a state of the art facility to ease the pressure on existing NHS services.

Representatives from 20 health and medical organisations met in Horncastle last week to discuss the proposals.

Foundation trustee and host Paul Scott summed up the day: “It was amazing to see so many health professionals in the room who in general were extremely supportive of our ideas.

“There were a few concerns raised about duplication and ensuring that whatever was built fitted in to existing provision and of course we would always be conscious of this.

“The next steps agreed was the development of a building strategy and of course the identification of a suitable site, together with a fully costed proposal.”

Around £100,000 of development money is already secured. Officials stress ‘other funding’ will be available.