New cafe near Skegness bringing fitness and food together for healthier lifestyles

A new cafe near Skegness is bringing fitness and food together to promote healthier lifestyles.

Molly's Kitch in Chapel St Leonards launches on Saturday, June 26.
Molly's Kitch in Chapel St Leonards launches on Saturday, June 26.

Molly's Kitchen launches on Saturday, June 26, with a day of fitness classes and a charity challenge - along with a tempting menu that not only looks good but will keep everyone's energy levels flying.

The cafe in Cherry Park, South Road, Chapel St Leonards, opens at 8am on Saturday in conjunction with a programme of events organised by Phoenix Fitness in Skegness

These include a seven-hour row, seven-hour spin, seven hours of classes and a raffle, all raising money to buy community defibrillator.

Jack Johnson, of Phoenix Fitness, said fitness classes would be run on the park and beach throughout the summer.

The cafe makes achieving the complete package of exercise and food for a healthier lifestyle easier, he explained.

"Molly’s Kitchen is bringing the east coast a fresh approach to the food industry, serving hearty and healthy meals in store and to takeaway, including meal preparation to suit all diets and goals for the busy individual," said Jack.

"Caring for our bodies is pinnacle in leading a happier lifestyle, nutrition isn’t just about eating its about learning to live.

"Quality food is a key component in your day to day care plan to ensure you feel amazing and look fantastic so why cut yourself short and leave yourself feeling lethargic over some deep-fried fast food when you can have a fresh homecooked meal packed with goodness.

"When you eat great you feel great, when you eat not so great - well, you get what we're saying.

"There is always a common misconception that healthy food can’t taste amazing. We know this to not be true and we want others to realise you can enjoy a tasty meal without the guilt attached to it.

"All the food is cooked with pride and passion, moving away from food fried in oils and containing large amounts of sodium and saturated fats.

"The kitchen itself is a warm and friendly area for families and friends to come and relax over a cup of coffee, cake or even a protein shake.

"We truly believe some of life’s best moments are made around a table with good company eating great food that leaves you feeling satisfied and ready to take on the rest of your day.

"Our passion for health and fitness started at Phoenix Fitness in Skegness and working alongside the gym we wanted to continue supporting healthy changes within the community as the gym has done so for many years.

"The gym's Phoenix Family has grown and grown, from the staff to its members each supporting one another in their goals and aspirations but ultimately creating an environment where people feel calm and comfortable in being the happiest versions of themselves.

"Molly’s Kitchen is an extension to this beautiful community and we want to spread that love and support which Phoenix Fitness has brought to the local area.

"Our end game is to provide people with great quality food to support a healthier lifestyle for you and your families, come down to Molly’s Kitchen for guilt free food without the fuss."

For more details or to book a consultation, email [email protected] Facebook Molly's Kitchen