New HPV vaccination site opened in Louth

Following the success of the county’s first ever drive through Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV) vaccination centre, Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) is opening two additional sites - including one in Louth.

HPV vaccination

The two new sites, which will join the county’s existing drive through at Johnson Community Hospital, Spalding, are based at Louth County Hospital (opening yesterday, Tuesday July 21) and North Hykeham Health Centre near Lincoln (opening on Monday August 3).

The new sites have been set up to offer a wider choice of venues for parents of 12-13 year olds who require their first HPV vaccination.

Parents are given timed appointments to attend the drive through vaccination centre to ensure social distancing measures can be followed.

The HPV vaccinations are normally provided at school, but the coronavirus lockdown has meant some children have missed out while schools have been temporarily closed.

Prior to the opening of the Louth facility yesterday, more than 40 appointments had already been booked at the Louth site.

To book an appointment, parents whose children are eligible for the catch up vaccination, can either:

• Complete the online consent form, highlighted in the letter sent to their home address;

• Call the LCHS Immunisations and Vaccinations team on 01522 572950.

Tina Bramley, Head of Clinical Services from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said: “We’ve had a very positive reaction to our first drive through vaccination centre at Johnson Community Hospital and we’re delighted to be able to roll this format out to more locations across the county, to offer parents more choice and convenience. In just three days we were able to make sure 65 children were given their first HPV vaccination in a COVID safe environment.

“The HPV vaccine offers significant protection against a range of cancers, 99.7% of which are caused by the HPV virus.

“Since we started our catch-up vaccination programme, we’ve been able to arrange appointments for around 300 children to make sure they are protected from serious forms of cancer in later life. Around 1,200 parents are yet to respond to our follow-up letter and I’d urge them to get in touch by calling our team on 01522 572950.”

Across Lincolnshire, 82.4% of parents have already taken steps to protect their child’s health by supporting this year’s HPV vaccination programme.

The HPV vaccine is given in two separate doses, the first in Year 8 and a second 12 months later in Year 9. Both doses must be given to provide effective protection.

For the first time from this year, the HPV vaccine is also being given to boys in Year 8 at school to help prevent more cases of HPV related cancers in boys and girls.