NHS Lincolnshire launches 'When am I going home?' campaign

​A new discharge campaign has been launched by ​the NHS in Lincolnshire.
The ‘When am I going home?’ campaign film at Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre.The ‘When am I going home?’ campaign film at Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre.
The ‘When am I going home?’ campaign film at Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre.

Working with the University of Lincoln and its partners across the health and social care sector, NHS Lincolnshire is aiming to raise awareness about the benefits of hospital discharge to patients, their families, and carers.

The new ‘When am I going home?’ campaign is designed to highlight the benefit of the ‘home first’ approach, particularly the fact that people recover quicker back in their own community, surrounded by familiar surroundings, than in hospital.

In support of the new campaign, the set used in the ‘When am I going home?’ campaign film has been re-built in Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre, which focuses on the story of a representative patient, talking about the experience of being admitted to Lincoln County Hospital, following a fall that resulted in a cracked hip, and the support received to aid recovery.

Nikki Pownall, System Flow Director, NHS Lincolnshire said: “We know that it’s much better for your physical and mental wellbeing to leave hospital as soon as you are medically ready to go and this is why we have launched this campaign to demonstrate this, but also to show the range of support available to reduce prolonged hospital stays.

“When it works and we’re able to discharge medically fit people from hospital, in addition to the benefits for you as a patient of recovering in your own home and community, it also means we can make the hospital bed you were in available to someone else who needs a high level of care.”

The campaign also aims to provide clarity and reassurance around what happens in hospital and how hospitals help prepare patients for discharge.

The set, designed and built by technicians and students at the University of Lincoln, along with the campaign film and information, will remain on public display at the Waterside for four weeks.

For more information on hospital discharge and what happens after, visit lincolnshire.icb.nhs.uk/ when-am-i-going-home/