Nick reveals all about his ‘Thank You NHS’ field

It might have been a mystery, but it didn’t take too long to solve! The man behind the incredible ‘Thank You NHS’ field has now been revealed.

Nick Carter’s masterpiece, pictured from above. (Photo: Michael Kheng).

As reported in last week’s paper, local microlight pilot Ramesh Nayak spotted the fantastic tribute to the NHS, cut into a field in the countryside, during a routine maintenance flight.

The field, originally believed to be in the Marshchapel area, was actually in North Somercotes and belongs to Nick Carter - who has a very happy story to tell about how NHS midwives brought his three-week-old granddaughter into the world.

Nick told the Leader: “My daughter Molly Lawton and her husband, Ollie, had their baby, Esmae Grace, on April 26.

“Molly was fairly well on when she arrived at Grimsby hospital, and she was told that there wasn’t even time for an epidural! Esmae was born just one-and-a-half hours later.

“The NHS maternity ward staff were all marvellous. It was Molly’s birthday on the same day, and the nurses even got her a cake with some candles.”

Nick added that it was ‘weird’ not to be able to meet his new granddaughter straight away due to the lockdown measures, but he is delighted to have finally had the chance to meet baby Esmae - as was her excited big sister, Ava.

In the meantime, while waiting for that special day, Nick decided to pay tribute to the NHS through the medium of his six acre field - spending around two hours cutting the iconic rainbow and heart shape into the grass, alongside his message of heartfelt thanks.

Nick Carter from North Somercotes. (Photo: Michael Kheng).

Nick said it was ‘not as easy as you might think’, and he didn’t know how the finished product would look until he invited his old friend Michael Kheng to take some aerial drone photographs of the field.

Needless to say, Nick was delighted with how it turned out - and he has had ‘no end of praise’ since his efforts came to the attention of the public.

In a video interview with Michael, Nick added: “The staff were fantastic at Grimsby hospital. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

“All through this [coronavirus] there has been some happiness, and I hope that everybody will get through it.”

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• Our thanks goes to Michael Kheng for granting us permission to use his photographs.