No flu hospitalisation in Lincolnshire this season

Lincolnshire health bosses said there have been no hospital admissions with flu cases during this season, which can be put down to the national lockdown, social distancing and face coverings being widely worn.
Face mask. Picture: JPIMedia stock image.Face mask. Picture: JPIMedia stock image.
Face mask. Picture: JPIMedia stock image.

However, this does not mean the virus has completely disappeared, it is just not spreading as fast.

This comes as Public Health England has not recorded a single case of flu so far this year through routine surveillance tests, despite it being the height of the usual flu season.

Andy Fox, Assistant Director of Public Health at Lincolnshire County Council said: “We’ve seen no hospital admissions due to a confirmed case of influenza and a very low rate of GP consultations, close to zero, for influenza.

“This is good news and demonstrates how effective lockdown measures, as well as social distancing and wearing of face coverings, can be in preventing transmission of respiratory viruses.”

He added: “It’s a reminder that, although influenza is expected to be circulating, the hands, face, space guidance can prevent outbreaks and infections – whether it’s COVID-19 or other viruses, such as influenza.”