No time to wait for Zoe in battle to find a cure

A young woman from Ruskington has completed the first few months of a year of fundraising challenges having had to deal with losing her dad to Motor Neurone’s Disease then testing positive for the gene for the degenerative condition too.

Zoe Berry, of Ruskington, doing the Inflatable 5K with friends Kyle and Matt. EMN-220415-160303001
Zoe Berry, of Ruskington, doing the Inflatable 5K with friends Kyle and Matt. EMN-220415-160303001

Zoe Berry, 22, is raising money for the Motor Neurones Disease Association in memory of her dad, Darren Edwards, to help find a cure.

MND, a condition that affects the brain and nerves and affects 5,000 people in the UK, including high-profile rugby stars Rob Burrow and Doddie Weir.

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Zoe received confirmation on October 20. Confirmation gave her even more motivation and drive in her fundraising.

She said: “I think the most scary part for me is the not knowing what or when anything will happen. I’m now not only fundraising but taking part in clinical trials alongside my full time job with a government contractor to try and help in every way I can.

“I want to raise the awareness of this awful disease that is affecting me and my family.”

Zoe did 3,000 squats in November, a charity raffle in December, 15,000 steps a day in January and during that month she also did the “No time to wait” campaign video about herself created with the MND Association.

It is available to view on the charity’s Facebook page. She emphasised: “People like me don’t have time to wait, so we need help now trying to find a cure.”

In March, Zoe did another mini raffle, then in April did the Inflatable 5K with friends Kyle and Matt at Donnington Park, near Derby. They had to run five kilometres negotiating inflatable obstacles, rope swings and nets.

Zoe said: “I ran it in memory of my dad and a local Sleaford man, Nick Frost who had a short battle with MND. Through Nick’s experience with MND, I have met fellow MND supporters who have been cheering me on along my fundraising journey.

“The challenges have been hard alongside working my full time job as well as dealing with my own health, but have been fun all the same. Some easier than others, but worth all the shin splints, sweat and tears.”

In May, Zoe plans to do 2,000 burpees and in June she will be climbing “Mount Stairdon”.

She added: “It’s humbling to know that my fundraising is not only helping people or the UK, but also people local to myself - it’s comforting having people who understand locally.

“Through my fundraising, I hope to keep the names of our loved ones alive and have their memories live on and have people know that they are the sole reason I keep going every day, to find answers, to help find cures and most importantly to spread the awareness every wider.”

You can donate at: