Public Health report focuses on needs of older population in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire’s Director of Public Health annual report for 2023, entitled ‘Adding Life to Years’, focuses on the importance of addressing the needs of the growing older population in Lincolnshire, particularly in rural andcoastal areas.
A clip from the health report video.A clip from the health report video.
A clip from the health report video.

Professor Derek Ward, Director of Public Health, said: “We have used the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age Friendly Framework to identify the local picture through eight themes which can influence the health and wellbeing of the older population. For example, social contact, communication, housing, health, and transport.

“Each chapter describes the current picture for each theme and how we are addressing some of the health and social issues faced by our older population. We also identify what more can be done to help older people to

access services, maintain social contact, and remain healthy. By identifying these needs, we can take steps to help this group to live healthier for longer therefore adding life to years.”

Councillor Wendy Bowkett, Executive Councillor for Adult Care and Public Health, added: “With a growing elderly population in our county we need to focus on how to keep them safe, well and independent in their own homes.

“Derek’s report will improve the awareness of issues that affect our older population and help us to capitalise on the infrastructure and services we already have in the county which support them. It’s important we explore

opportunities to further promote the benefits of our services to support healthy ageing. We will also be using this valuable outlook as the basis for a future Lincolnshire State of Ageing Report.”

Directors of Public Health in England have a statutory duty to produce an independent report on the state of health of the people they serve on an annual basis.

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