Running and cycling 80 miles for RAF Air Cadets’ 80th anniversary

A cadet leader from Scunthorpe will be running and cycling 80 miles in honour of the RAF Air Cadets' 80th anniversary.
Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price.Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price.
Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price.

Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price, 51, will be taking part in the 80 Miles in 80 Days challenge, running and cycling 80 miles for the RAF Benevolent Fund and the RAF Air Cadets in honour of the latter’s 80th anniversary, aiming to raise £80,000 for the Fund and the RAF Air Cadets General Purpose Fund.

The charity is a cause close to Nige’s family’s heart as Nige served in the Royal Air Force for 22 years as a general technician (electrical), and they were supported by the RAF Benevolent Fund when his wife, Teri, suffered a major stroke while recovering from cancer.

The Fund purchased and adapted a bungalow for the couple close to Teri’s parents through its Housing Trust, allowing Teri’s parents to support her while Nige was away with work commitments, including two tours of Afghanistan.

Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price and his wife Terri.Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price and his wife Terri.
Flying Officer (RAFAC) Nigel ‘Nige’ Price and his wife Terri.

Nige said: “With lockdown restrictions easing, I decided that I wanted to regain some of my fitness. The 80 Miles in 80 Days Challenge seemed like a fantastic way of doing that while giving back to the RAF Benevolent Fund for the support they offered my family.

“It’s also a great opportunity for me to help future generations of air cadets and inspire those at 119 (Scunthorpe) Sqn to keep fit. I work with some amazing staff and cadets who have already been very supportive and I'm sure they will keep me motivated throughout the challenge. I would thoroughly recommend becoming an adult volunteer, it is such rewarding work.”

After retiring from the service in 2012, Nige became a uniformed adult volunteer and is the current Officer Commanding 119 (Scunthorpe) Squadron.

Nige’s wife Teri also became a civilian instructor in 2010 and later qualified as a uniformed adult volunteer Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO). In addition to this work, Nige and Teri also assist with the RAF Air Cadet’s Trent Wing and Central East Region Bands.

You can sponsor Nige via his fundraising page here.

Set up in 1941, the Combined Cadet Force and Air Training Corps are collectively known as the RAF Air Cadets. The groups provide youngsters aged 13 and above with opportunities for adventure, training and skills including learning to fly a glider.

To mark the organisation’s 80th anniversary, the RAF Benevolent Fund is offering an enhanced package of welfare support for the RAF Air Cadets, including members of the Combined Cadet Force. Support includes emotional wellbeing, counselling and bereavement support, as well as financial support if a member is killed, on or off duty. This also extends to staff cadets and uniformed volunteers.

To share your memories of being an air cadet or to take part in the Fund’s 80 Miles in 80 Days challenge, visit the RAF Benevolent Fund website.