Team wellness at Lincoln care home

A day to enjoy the things that make their staff and residents feel well was on the agenda last week

Cloverleaf Care Home in Lincoln enjoy a wellness day.

Cloverleaf Care Home in Lincoln's manager, Katie More, decided to introduce a focus week on team wellness to mark the end of a challenging year to reward her hardworking staff and recognise their continued commitment to the home’s residents.

So Katie and home administrator Sarah Wakins organised a staff picnic takeaway that included pizza, Chinese food, and an outdoor karaoke on the homes front garden which proved hugely popular with the team who enjoyed singing their favourite tunes, much to the enjoyment of residents who looked on from the home’s balconies.

Home trainer Lynn Fitzpatrick arranged for students from the local beauty college to come to the home and provide hand pampering sessions and Indian head messagesin outdoor gazebos to further reduce the risks associated with the spread of C-19.

Senior care assistant Cody O’Hara led the team through yoga workshops designed to bring feelings of inner peace and calmness to the individual. Cody, who is also an experienced yoga practitioner, then took the team through high intensity work out sessions and looked at physical health and fitness.

Katie said: “It was time to draw a line and start looking to the future. Our team have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and I wanted to give something back. Mental health and wellbeing can so easily be overlooked once circumstances change; I am acutely aware that the past year has taken its toll and I wanted to do something about it.

"We had a fantastic week that, in my opinion, ticked all the boxes, we had great fun with the karaoke, we enjoyed fantastic food together, we spent time outside in the garden, we were pampered, we looked at our inner peace and wellbeing, and we reviewed our physical health. This will be an ongoing process for Cloverleaf, it is so important. Team health and wellbeing matters!”

Regional manager Maxine Gascoigne, “I am incredibly proud of Katie and everyone at Cloverleaf for pulling together over the past year. Cloverleaf is an amazing home with incredibly kind and caring team, but the past year has been challenging. I am delighted that the home is now dedicating time to focus team wellbeing. Well done Katie and team Cloverleaf!”