These are some of the resolutions we make long before new year

With the end of this year only months away, meaning resolution season is just around the corner, new research from healthy recipe box service GreenChef reveals 91 per cent of Brits set life-changing resolutions around that time.

Research shows the most-common goals people make are linked to improving the healthiness of their lifestyle
Research shows the most-common goals people make are linked to improving the healthiness of their lifestyle

Research shows the most-common goals people make are linked to improving the healthiness of their lifestyle.

These are the top 5 resolutions Brits make

1 Eat healthier/Exercise more 47%

2 Lose weight 43%

3 Consume less alcohol 34%

4 Smoke less 26%

5 Make lifestyle changes, ie reading more often 18%

Although most people actually set goals between December and January, more than a third say they don’t associate a specific time of year with making a new resolution.

Data reveals that people are more likely to set a new intention for themselves on the date of a celebration or anniversary with a third of people setting goals on their birthday; almost a fifth on an anniversary, and 21 percent making resolutions around Easter time.

As for why people make resolutions in the first place, over a quarter of Brits admit they do to conform to social norms.

Given Brits’ reason for making new lifestyle goals is simply to fit into the status quo, it’s perhaps unsurprising that a quarter of people claim they break goals one month after they first committed.

"A further fifth struggle to stick at their new lifestyle choices for any longer than a week.

On a positive note, roughly half of people claim setting a goal helps to provide a sense of direction, citing that the act of creating a goal makes them feel ‘inspired’.

Half of Brits agree that setting smaller, more achievable resolutions helps them to stick to their goals, and 40 percent like to be flexible with their resolutions by makingamendments throughout the year.

Green Chef’s registered nutritionist and head chef Anna Tebbs believes healthy lifestyle goals can and should be made any time of the year.

She said: "After a long summer of socialising, a change of pace can be welcome to get back into a routine following holidays, seeing friends and spending time outside.

“That's why September provides such a great opportunity for people to reconsider their health goals and make them work within their lifestyle.

“The autumnal months naturally help to refresh a sense of routine and provide a chance for us to revisit our goals so we can feel empowered and great about them.

"The research shows that small, achievable and, most importantly, flexible goals throughout the year help people to stay on track.

“So, whether it's adding more variety to your healthy eating goals, trying a new diet preference or simply wanting to find an easy and convenient way to stay on track, our recipes are designed to be delicious, healthy and are nutritionist-backed, to ensure that a refreshed way of eating in line with your goals shouldn't become tiresome.”

Green Chef is supportive of those wanting to make healthier lifestyle choices and offers a range of healthy recipes, with six different dietary preferences including vegan, vegetarian, Keto, flexitarian, pescatarian and lower carb.

Their team of trained chefs and registered nutritionists create 22 weekly recipes, making it easy to follow specialist diets like keto and vegan without compromising on flavour and taste.