VIDEO: Police praise agencies working with victims of domestic abuse

Lincolnshire Police has praised the agencies working with victims of domestic abuse.

Since lockdown began, calls to Refuge increased by 49% in the week before April 15, according to ITV sources.

Domestic abuse charity Chayn reported that visits to its website had trebled in March 2020 and the Men’s Advice Line saw an increase in calls of 16.6%.

A statement to the agencies working with victims in Lincolnshire from Lincolnshire Police, PCC Marc Jones and Lincolnshire County Council said: "You do an incredibly important and difficult job at the best of times.

Domestic abuse cases have risen since lockdown began.

"Now through the worst of times, we get a deeper understanding of what true heroes you are.

"Thank you for the lengths you have gone to in making sure you are still there for people when they need you most."

From Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Lincolnshire County Council

The agencies supporting victims of domestic abuse through these difficult times are:

• East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service: General Enquiries 0345 650 1202.

• EDAN Lincs: Call 01522 510041. Helping all women, men and children experiencing domestic abuse.

• Lincolnshire Rape Crisis: Call 0800 33 4 55 00.

• Make a Change: call: 01522 246616 For anyone worried about how they’re treating their loved ones.

• Sexual Assault Referral Centre (Spring Lodge): Call 01522 524402.

• South Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service: Support guidance and practical advice to men and women.

• Victim Support: Free and confidential support line 0808 16 89 111.

• Victim Lincs: If you’ve been affected by crime, call the Victim Lincs team on 01522 947510.