Volunteer team of bikers offering free PPE delivery across county

A local police officer has joined a group of volunteers delivering donations of PPE to frontline workers.

PCSO Dave Bunker has joined a volunteer group of bikers delivering donations of PPE.

PCSO Dave Bunker is usually seen patrolling the streets of Skegness but in his own time he has become part of the Bike Shed Community Response.

The task-force of vetted riders is now working across the county with the charity Team Rubicon UK on Op React.

Bikers help anyone distribute free PPE, scrubs, masks and shields to people who are shielding or vulnerable. They also help deliver food or medicine

The free courier-like service which runs nationwide is managed through a tracking app

"We wanted to get the word out that the service is now available across the county.," said Dave.

"One of our volunteer riders could be at your door, ready to collect a package up to 15kg, and 60x60x60cm, to wherever you need it to go.

"It is a 24-hour service. We have over 600 volunteer riders across the UK waiting to help, with more being added every day.

"We are part of Team Rubicon UK, already working with 3dcrowduk, ScrubHub Covid Crisis Rescue, scrubandfaceprotectionhub.org and many more."