GALLERY: Have at thee sir! Plantagenets take over Old Bolingbroke

King Henry IV came back to Bolingbroke to reclaim his castle over the weekend, and many folks came from far and wide to meet him and his knights.

The Plantegenet Society at Bolingbroke Castle's Bolingbroke Back in Time.
The Plantegenet Society at Bolingbroke Castle's Bolingbroke Back in Time.

Heritage Lincolnshire and the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle teamed up with medieval society the Plantagenet Society to host the Bolingbroke Back in Time over Saturday and Sunday (August 20 and 21).

The castle is also known for its historic roots, as Bolingbroke was the birthplace of King Henry IV, and during the weekend visitors were treated to a knight’s tournament where local and French fighters competed to be recognised as the best of the knights – with the winners selected to undergo special training for the coming of the King.

Visitors were also able to enjoy the delights of a falconry display, hands on activities and a horsemanship show, as well as living camps where life as a Plantagenet was showcased.

Falconry display at Bolingbroke.


Charlotte Davey, Project Officer for Heritage Lincolnshire: “We are so pleased to have been able to put on such a wonderful and well-received event at Bolingbroke Castle.

“Thanks to the input of the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle and the Plantagenets, we were able to deliver a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved and learn more about medieval life in Lincolnshire.

“It was wonderful to see visitors getting involved with the dancing, squire training and archery, and to see the castle brought to life with knights, ladies and craftsmen."

The Plantagenet knights.


Bolingbroke's knights battling it out.
Cooking in the Plantegenet fashion.
Ladies showing off the Plantagenet fashions.