Haul of medieval coins found in Sutton on Sea

A haul of coins thought to date back to the 1200s and 1400s have been found in a field near Sutton on Sea.

The coins found in Sutton on Sea.
The coins found in Sutton on Sea.

Treasure hunter and metal detector enthusiast Ian Guest, from Warwickshire, has been hunting for medieval artefacts and treasures for many years – and the biggest find of his detecting career so far has been found in Sutton on Sea.

After gaining permission from farmers to investigate their fields for treasure last weekend, Ian found a range of coins in a field nearby with his metal detector – a total of five silver coins which seem to date around the times of Edward I, Edward IV of England and James I of England – who were King of England from 1272 to 1307, 1461 to 1470 and 1603 to 1625 respectively.

He has also found a number of coins which clearly have the date 1893 printed on it and the image of Queen Victoria.

The artefacts found in Sutton on Sea.

Ian said: “I’ve had lots of finds in the Lincolnshire region, but this is the biggest I’ve ever found, I was so happy when I found that first coin and then I found another, and another!”

Other artefacts found by Ian during his hunt in Sutton-on-Sea include a silver belt buckle and a handle for a cookery pot, and it’s thought by Ian that the area could have been the site of a settlement.

"I’m fascinated by the medieval era, and I’ve learned so much about our history doing this,” Ian added.

Ian’s treasure haul has been handed in to the Collection Museum in Lincoln for analysis, and the museum’s Finds Liaison officer is currently registering and is in the process of establishing actual dates for the finds.