Joanne Shields and the Little Big Band performing on stage.
Joanne Shields and the Little Big Band performing on stage.

In Pictures: WWII museum near Boston celebrates its fifth anniversary

The sights and sounds of life on the Homefront were revived for visitors at a Second World War museum at the weekend.

We’ll Meet Again WWII Museum, located in Freiston Shore, hosted a special event on Sunday to marks its fifth anniversary.

There was live music from Joanne Shields and the Little Big Band, entertainment from ‘The 40s Home Front’, target shooting, vintage vehicles, stalls and an American Army re-enactment group.

The museum is the brainchild of Paul and Linda Britchford and aims to educate children and adults alike on life during the war. The couple created the museum themselves from the ground up back in 2017. It now boasts a vast collection of artefacts and clothing from both world wars - from soldiers’ uniforms and weapons, to food rations still in their packets.

Speaking about the anniversary event, Paul and Linda said: “It was an absolutely brilliant day, well attended and hot.

“The Reconnaissance Group Living History group has five American Army vehicles and a camp, and the world war two firing range particularly went down a storm.

”We’ve had great feedback from those that attended."

They added: "We would like to give our thanks to our volunteers – particularly to Des Portas from the Royal British Legion – who organised all the field events.”

Photos by Nigel Baxter.

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