Jolly on Parade in Skegness for 100th anniversary of Royal British Legion

The Jolly Fisherman will be on parade in Skegness when the Royal British Legion celebrates its 100th anniversary this weekend.

Sgt Jolly on parade at the Hildreds Shopping Centre in Skegness.

On Saturday, May 15, the RBL will be marking its centenary with a special event at the Cenotaph in London.

From 9am, the public can watch a Facebook livestream re-creating the moment from 100 years ago when veterans from four organisations, brought together by Earl Haig and Sir Frederick Lister, laid wreaths as a symbol of unity and formed the British Legion.

Representatives from the Navy, Army, RAF and Merchant Navy along with a military widow will lay wreaths to mark the centenary.

Steve Andrews with Sgt Jolly which is on display at the Hildreds Shopping Centre in Skegness.

At the same time, RBL Branches around the world and across the UK will join them by laying wreaths at their local war memorials.

Locally to mark the historic moment, Steve Andrews and his team at the Hildreds Centre in Skegness are displaying 'Sgt Jolly' in full military dress.

The statue was made by the staff at the Hildreds in Lumley Road to also help the Skegness branch of the Royal British Legion celebrate their 91st anniversary on June 21.

Swopping his fisherman's outfit for a WW2 British Army uniform, Jolly first went on display on Saturday, May 8, to commemorate VE Day.