Museum set to reopen at the end of the month

The chairman of Sleaford Museum Trust has welcomed the news that museums and libraries will be among the visitor venues able to reopen under the latest easing of lockdown restrictions by the government.

Mark Bamford added: “We have started to plan for the museum reopening and we are targeting the last week of July.

“I believe that the detailed guidance that we have been expecting and need from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been understandably delayed pending the announcement. We must await that.

“We may need to rearrange the internal structure of the museum to meet that advice and, before anything else, we will complete a full Covid-19 risk assessment to gauge the additional measures that we will need to take. Importantly, we will need to check our volunteer availability and train accordingly to ensure their safety and the biosecurity of our visitors.

“We also wish to co-ordinate our plans with the Sleaford Town Council and the NKDC heritage locations in the area. We are keen to re-open as soon as is practicable. After all, we have a new exhibition on the Bass Maltings to unveil and we want to belatedly celebrate our fifth birthday.”