Steep Hill among most Instagrammable streets

One of Lincoln's most popular, and steep, streets has been named in a list of most 'Instagrammable' streets.

Steep Hill, Lincoln.

As lockdown eases across the UK, many are thinking of city breaks to take this summer, and many will want to make the most of beautiful spots after spending more than a year in the same surroundings.

The UK at least isn’t short of picturesque spots, but where to go for that perfect post-lockdown Instagram shot? Well, not that far, as one of Lincoln's most recognisable streets is featured in Direct2Florist's rundown of the Most Instagrammable Streets in the UK.

Our very own Steep Hill in Lincoln appears at number eight in the list, with Carnaby Street, London, coming out on top with 366,761. Stockbridge in Edinburgh comes second with 231,679, and Clovelly’s High Street comes third with 147,785. The Circus in Bath, The Shambles in York, and The Circus in Bath also included in the list.

The full list of the UK’s Most Instagrammed Streets is below:

1. Carnaby Street, London

2. Stockbridge, Edinburgh

3. High Street, Clovelly, North Devon

4. The Street, Castle Combe, Wiltshire

5. Victoria Street, Edinburgh

6. The Circus, Bath, Somerset

7. Shoregate, Crail, Fife

8. Steep Hill, Lincoln

9. The Shambles, York

10. Ashton Lane, Glasgow

11. Gold Hill, Shaftesbury, Dorset

12. Grey Street, Newcastle

13. Tanhouse Brae, Culross

14. Smithfield Street, Dolgellau, North Wales

15. The Royal Mile, Edinburgh