Urgent bid to save much-loved church

A desperate campaign has been launched to raise around £80,000 needed to save a historic 19th century church.
Ian Scard and Church Warden Ann HoyesIan Scard and Church Warden Ann Hoyes
Ian Scard and Church Warden Ann Hoyes

St Lawrence’s Church in Revesby is in dire need of repair as part of the roof has fallen off, leaving the nave exposed to the elements.

Rain is not yet penetrating the building, but it is only a matter of time.

The Parochial Church Committee is trying to raise the £69,000 to £80,000 needed to replace the roof.

Revesby churchRevesby church
Revesby church

Spokesman Ian Scard is leading the campaign to help find the cash. He said: “Covid has also affected our efforts as we’ve had visits and meetings booked with some charity organisations which have had to be cancelled.”

The committee has the support of the Joseph Banks Society and Horncastle History and Heritage Society to save the church.

Paul Scott, curator of the Joseph Banks Natural Science and Heritage centre, would do “all they can” to help raise funds for St Lawrence Church roof:

"The Banks/Stanhope families were huge benefactors to both Revesby and Horncastle, and as such it is incumbent on us all to help as much as possible.,” he said.

Dr Ian Marshman of the HHHS added: "The Society wants to do all we can to help the community in Revesby, the home of Joseph Banks, to preserve its precious church and keep it open.“We are hoping to work with Ian to run a guided tour of Revesby for members and, of course, any other interested local people.“We are also helping by promoting all Ian Scard’s events to our members, like their upcoming talk at Revesby village hall.”

The church was built in 1891 on the site of a previous Georgian church built in 1733 by Revesby Abbey estate owner Joseph Banks, the great-grandfather of famed naturalist Sir Joseph Banks.

It is thought to be one of the country’s remaining “complete” churches, meaning it has not been altered or restored at all.

The committee will open the church from 10am to 4pm on May 8 for visitors to hear about their plans.

A fundraising talk will also be given by historian Arthur Pattison, on ‘Revesby and its Environs from the Neotholic Period to the Present Day’ at 2.30pm on Saturday, April 30 in Revesby Village Hall.

Admission is £10 and booking is essential – email [email protected].

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