Appeal made over mystery wedding photograph which may have been taken in Boston in the 1920s

Can you help identify the mystery wedding?
Anyone spot a familiar face?Anyone spot a familiar face?
Anyone spot a familiar face?

This photograph was shared with the Standard by Vivienne Strayton, of Bourne End, Buckinghamshire.
It dates, she believes, from the early 1920s, and was found in her father’s room after he died. 
She says she has no memory of ever seeing it as a child, but a relative told her it may have been taken in the Boston area.
“My father, Reginald Tenant Strayton, born 1917, and his brother Kenneth are probably two of the little boys at the bottom left of the picture,” she said.

“Their parents were Tenant Strayton and his wife Sarah (née Robinson). Tenant Strayton was born in Boston and I know there were members of the family still there in the 1960s as we went to visit Cousin Alf and Ena then. I don’t know if Alf or Ena was the cousin!
“It was obviously quite a big event, though it’s interesting that I don’t see anybody in the picture who I think could be my grandfather.
“It would be marvellous if it jogged any memories in any of your readers.”  

Vivienne says the only other names she has that may help identify the wedding are Elizabeth Strayton, her Great-Aunt Lizzie and Jack Sharman, Elizabeth’s husband – and father of Helen Sharman, the astronaut.

Anyone with any information can contact Vivienne on [email protected]