NOSTALGIA: Boston racing cyclist claims first national title – on a Penny Farthing – in 1971

Fifty years ago, Lincolnshire half-mile grass track champion John Almond, of Boston Wheelers, won his first national cycling championship – on a veteran Penny Farthing.
Boston racing cyclist John Almond.Boston racing cyclist John Almond.
Boston racing cyclist John Almond.

John, 30, of Red Lion Street, won the national Old Ordinary Challenge Trophy at the Harvey Hadden Stadium, Nottinghamshire.

He said: “When you get a good machine, you can really make it go.”

* After this piece appeared in the Standard, John got in touch to thank us for running it.

“That took me back a bit,” he added. “Unfortunately, I don’t still own the machine, I sold it to finish our mortgage off. I think I would be a bit old to ride it now. I was lucky enough to win the championship another couple of times at the Herne Hill track in London.”