NOSTALGIA: Can you help solve mystery of 'Queen' photograph from Boston Standard archives?

Pictured here is a photograph that The Standard has as a physical copy in its archives.
Do you know when or where this photograph was taken?Do you know when or where this photograph was taken?
Do you know when or where this photograph was taken?

We believe it shows Queen Elizabeth II (though some who have seen the picture wonder if it is actually Princess Margaret), but we do not know when it was taken, where, or what was taking place at the time.

She appears to be at a railway station and is about to get into a vehicle.

The fur coat is reminiscent of one worn by The Queen in the Sixties – though, from the archive photographs we have seen, it was not usually paired with boots such as those on show here.

The picture in full.The picture in full.
The picture in full.

After we shared the photograph on Twitter, one reader suggested it was taken in 1963, based on how cold it looks (1963 had the coldest winter for more than 200 years) and said The Queen could have been on her way to Sandringham for Christmas.

The picture is one of a number that we have in the office that have been printed out and mounted on card. On the reverse, it says ‘GA (for the late Gary Atkinson, long-serving Standard photographer) TO SORT OLD PIX’ and ‘SAVE’ underlined.

When we asked Gary’s daughter Jennie about the photograph, she said she remembered her father showing her the picture, but said she was too young to remember any details in terms of the story behind it.

She said: “I would estimate it would be about 1970-2 and this would fit also with the style of boot she is wearing. It is evidently a railway station (but where?), and she looks as if she is about to get into her car, judging from the blanket being held ready for her.”

If you can shed any light on the photo, please email [email protected]

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