NOSTALGIA: My grandfather’s saddlers shop in Spilsby

These photos from in or around 1940 have been shared with the Standard by Gordon Pollard, of Grimsby.

The exterior of the saddlers shop in Market Place, Spilsby.
The exterior of the saddlers shop in Market Place, Spilsby.

The first picture shows the saddlers shop run by his grandfather, Arthur Joseph Curtis, in Spilsby

The next picture shows Arthur outside the shop, which was located in Market Street in what is today Betty’s Boutique.

The picture after that shows Gordon’s uncle Mick Curtis, who worked as a saddler and harness maker at the shop. Both he and Arthur, lived in Newtown, off Halton Road.

A fuller version of the outside of the shop.

The final picture is a family photo – it shows Gordon’s grandparents, his mother Dolly, cousins Jane (right) and Gerald (front) and himself (middle).

He said: “I lived with my Mum for about 20 Years in Louth and in my early to mid-teens cycled to my grandparents and had some great holidays there. Uncle Mick used to take me fishing and I made several friends in Newtown – there was Pauline Swanson, known as Swanee, Mo Smith, Freddie Wright, and Maurice Brough.”

Gordon's grandfather Arthur Curtis outside his shop.
Gordon's uncle Mick Curtis.
Arthur (centre) and members of his family.