NOSTALGIA: Pupils treated to surprise tour of Russian ship at Boston Docks in 1986

Pupils from Swineshead Cowleys Primary were treated to a surprise tour of a Soviet vessel 35 years ago.
Boston Docks 35 years ago.Boston Docks 35 years ago.
Boston Docks 35 years ago.

Teacher Ted Nottingham took the nine boys to Boston Docks on the off-chance they would see the ship, Konstantin Korshvnov, which had sailed to the UK from the Russian town Archangel. However, the captain beckoned them aboard.

“He didn’t understand English, but he seemed to know what we wanted. He took the boys all over the ship and gave them some Russian magazines and many pictures of Archangel,” said Mr Nottingham.

The party were invited back in the evening to see the ship leave.

Pictured with Mr Nottingham, the captain, and the pupils is parent Gwen Cook.

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