NOSTALGIA: Regal Centre opens in Boston in 1981, bringing one-stop shopping to town

Here we see shoppers paying a visit to the Regal Centre, in Boston, on its opening day in 1981.

The Regal Centre on day one on October 30, 1981.
The Regal Centre on day one on October 30, 1981.

The launch was described by the Standard as the arrival of one-stop shopping in the town.

The site had 26 units, with all but one occupied within a fortnight of the opening. They ranged from a bakery to a tool shop.

The owner of the centre, Michael Baxter, said he was delighted with the response from Boston shoppers.

Michael Baxter, outside the Regal Centre, in West Street, Boston.

“The amount of people who came through on Friday and Saturday is unbelievable,” he said.

An official opening would follow on December 3 performed by disc-jockey David Hamilton.

The cost of converting the former cinema into a shopping centre had far exceeded the original £50,000 estimate.

However, Mr Baxter said a far better job had been done than was first planned – for example, brick walls had been built between the shops instead of partitions being put up.

It was hoped work could begin on the upstairs cinema within the next two or three weeks.