TEN YEARS AGO: Free rugby sessions get under way in Skegness in bid to boost participation

A series of free under 14 rugby coaching sessions had got under way 10 years ago.
Skegness Rugby Ground 10 years ago.Skegness Rugby Ground 10 years ago.
Skegness Rugby Ground 10 years ago.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) had identified Skegness as one of its target towns in which it hoped to inspire more participation in the game from an early age.

The sessions were being held at Skegness Rugby Ground, in Wainfleet Road, and being led by community rugby coach Nathan Smith.

They formed part of a major RFU campaign designed to attract more players to Skegness Rugby Club and improve facilities at the ground.

As well as hosting his own training sessions, Nathan would be working with local schools to equip teachers with the skills needed to coach the game.

He is pictured with children from local schools at one of the sessions.

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