TEN YEARS AGO: Jolly unveils new bike shelter at Skegness school

Celebrations were taking place at Skegness Infant School 10 years ago to mark the addition of a new bike shelter to the site.

The unveiling at Skegness Infant School 10 years ago.

The feature – funded by Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) – was officially unveiled by Skegness mascot the Jolly Fisherman It came as part of a week of activities dedicated to sustainable travel, with pupils being encourage to walk, scooter, or cycle to school.

Sarah Hubery, LCC sustainable travel officer, helped to co-ordinate the week. She said: “The week is an opportunity for schools to promote the benefits of walking and cycling to parents and children.

“Using sustainable travel on the school journey gives young people the opportunity to learn about their local area, as well as gain independence and develop skills.”