TEN YEARS AGO: Remembrance Day parade in Sleaford and school Art Week in Metheringham

Here are two photographs that appeared in the Sleaford Standard 10 years ago this week.

Cubs and Scouts marking Remembrance Day 10 years ago.
Cubs and Scouts marking Remembrance Day 10 years ago.

The first picture shows cubs and scouts taking part in the Remembrance Day parade of that year.

The display was led by servicemen and women from RAF Digby and RAF Cranwell accompanied by the Band of the Boys and Girls Brigade.

Also marching were veterans and Royal British Legion members.

Metheringham Primary School 10 years ago.

The second picture shows pupils at Metheringham Primary School during Art Week.

The week focused on the expressive arts, giving the children the chance to try leaf printing, making silk paper, collages and more.

Local artist Wendy Reeves worked with the children, creating large art work to put on display on the exterior walls of the school.

Each year group also created art work based on art history and famous artists, with the Foundation classes focusing on Kandinsky, Years One and Two on Monet, Years Four and Five on Hockney and Years Five and Six on Van Gogh.

Expressive arts leader, Ashley Vrettos, said: “All the children had a wonderful time and the school looks great with all their art work. We are very grateful to Wendy for coming in and also to our governor Helen Whitehouse who spent a lot of time helping us during the week.”