TEN YEARS AGO: Skegness Guides’ lesson in fire safety

Girl Guides from Skegness were being educated on fire safety practices as they worked towards earning their latest badge 10 years ago.
Skegness Fire Station 10 years ago ...Skegness Fire Station 10 years ago ...
Skegness Fire Station 10 years ago ...

Members of the 2nd Skegness Guides were taught about how fires start and how to safely extinguish them during their visit to Skegness Fire Station.

The youngsters also heard about the importance of devising fire plans to evacuate buildings in an emergency.

In addition, they had the chance to dress up in firefighting gear and see the smoke room.

A call-out during the visit showed the girls how rapidly the firefighters respond in an emergency. However, crew members returned in time to have their picture taken with the girls to celebrate them achieving their fire safety badges.