TEN YEARS AGO: Spilsby mayor pays visit to Beavers group

Beavers welcomed the Mayor of Spilsby 10 years ago to hear about his role in the community.

Spilsby Scout Hut 10 years ago.
Spilsby Scout Hut 10 years ago.

Mayor Coun Michael Lenton explained his duties to the group in a question and answer session, which he described as a ‘fantastic experience’.

“It was a lovely night and the most fascinating questions got asked, such as whether the Queen rings me up. The children were flying all sorts of questions around. It was a real pleasure and the Beavers do such a wonderful job in the community.

“It’s what being mayor is all about and it was great to talk and go through it with the children.”

The Beavers were then awarded special, celebratory Diamond Jubilee badges on the night.