TEN YEARS AGO: Teens celebrate the end of a £4,414 spend in Boston-area village

Youngesters in Donington had been celebrating further developments at the Flinders Founders Teen Park 10 years ago.

Pictured (from left) Liam Kelly, 12, Alex Raggo, 11, Antonio Medina, 12, Matthew Proud, eight, Ollie Cladd, 17, Jordan Burdall, 11, Jack Cliff, 16, in the new log circle.

The recreational area in the village’s Town Dam Lane had been created by a group of motivated young people who wanted to improve where they lived.

To mark the final spending of a £4,414 grant from the Bicker Wind Farm Trust, the group held a celebration day.

The money paid for an extra bin, more seating, extra logs to complete the log circle for seating and biking, and more flower beds and plants

Members of Flinders Founders (from left) Leah Bristow, 15, Joe Gott, 14, and Alicia Inglis, 14, with one of the new flower beds.