What happened this day in history: January 2

1839 - French photographer Louis Daguerre took the first photograph of the Moon.

What happened this day in history: January 2 EMN-190201-100817001

1900 - Britain’s first municipal crematorium opened for business.

1921 - The FA banned women from professional football. They were only allowed back in 1970.

1928 - Pan-Am airlines became the first to use male stewards.

1944 - Helicopters were used in wartime for the first time, when three started patrol duty with an Atlantic convoy.

1959 - Luna 1, the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun, was launched by the Soviet Union.

1971 - A barrier collapsed at the Ibrox football stadium in Glasgow, fatally crushing 66 fans.

1980 - Britain’s first national steel strike since 1926 began.

1981 - One of the largest investigations by a British police force ended when serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’, was arrested in Sheffield.

1995 - The main debating chamber at the former Northern Ireland parliament at Stormont, Belfast, was destroyed by fire, most likely caused by an electrical fault.