What happened this day in history: July 11

1776 - Captain Cook sailed from Plymouth in the '˜Resolution' on his last voyage.

What happened this day in history: July 11 EMN-181007-140137001

1848 - Waterloo railway station opened in London.

1 895 - Brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière demonstrated movie film technology to scientists.

1903 - The world’s first powerboat race took place in Cork.

1921 - A truce in the Irish War of Independence came into effect.

1924 - Scottish athlete Eric Liddell won the gold medal in 400m at the 1924 Paris Olympics, after refusing to run in the heats for 100m, his favoured distance, as they fell on a Sunday.

1950 - Andy Pandy made his first television appearance.

1962 - First transatlantic satellite television transmission.

1966 - World Cup Willie became the first ever football tournament mascot.

1975 - Excavations near the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an uncovered an army of 8,000 life-sized terracotta warriors from around 206BC.

1979 - America’s first space station, Skylab, was destroyed as it re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere over the Indian Ocean.