What happened this day in history: September 12

1624 - The first submarine was tested in London.

What happened this day in history, September 12 EMN-181109-163357001

1878 - Cleopatras Needle, the obelisk of Thothmes II, was erected on London’s Embankment.

1908 - Winston Churchill married Clementine Hozier.

1910 - Alice Stebbins Wells, a former social worker, became the world’s first policewoman. She was appointed by the Los Angeles Police Department.

1940 - The Lascaux prehistoric cave paintings were discovered by teenagers searching for their dog in France; the paintings are believed to date back over 15,000 years.

1959 - The USSR launched Luna 2, the first spacecraft to impact on the Moon

1960s MOTs for cars were introduced in the UK.

1970 - Concorde landed at Heathrow for the first time.

1974 – Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, ‘Messiah’ of the Rastafari movement, was deposed following a military coup by the Derg, ending a reign of 58 years.

1997 - Scotland voted decisively for home rule in a referendum on how they wanted the country to be governed.