What happened this day in history - September 19

1356 - The English defeated the French in the Battle of Poitiers, during the Hundred Years' War.

What happened this day in history - September 19 EMN-180918-143953001

1783 - The Montgolfier brothers sent up the first balloon with live creatures aboard. Passengers included a sheep, a rooster and a duck.

1876 - American inventor Melville Bisell patented the first carpet sweeper.

1879 - The Blackpool Illuminations were switched on for the first time.

1880 - James Garfield, 20th American President, died of wounds inflicted by an assassin two months previously.

1888 - The world’s first beauty contest took place in Belgium.

1893 - New Zealand became the first country to grant its female citizens the right to vote.

1928 - Mickey Mouse made his first appearance in a sound film - Steamboat Willie.

1960 - Traffic wardens issued the first parking tickets in London.

1960 - A new dance craze began, when Chubby Checker’s ‘The Twist’ entered the American charts.

1970 - The first Glastonbury Festival was held, at a farm belonging to Michael Eavis.