A killer night of crazy comedy

For one night only Whitwell Players performed Murder. It’s All the Kraze. No, it’s not a spelling mistake, but a reference to the Kraze brothers, two gangland nightclub owners.

During an evening, where the acting began as audience members were welcomed at the ‘club’ with a complimentary drink, a mystery unfolded.

Some rather odd people we met in the bar that we weren’t quite sure about soon became characters in the production as we sat at tables.

Arch enemy to the Krazes, Jimmy Cornwall succumbed offstage to what sounded like a heavy-duty machine gun and from then on the task of finding Jimmy’s killer was given over to the audience with the help of PC Gonmad.

The setting for the mystery being in the 1960’s many audience members had dressed accordingly and so we mingled with hippies, mods, rockers, feminists and Beatle enthusiasts alike.

We were entertained by singers and musicians. Not only that, we dined fast-food style with knickerbocker glories to complete a true Sixties trendy dining experience.

Our host and TV reporter for the evening, Bobby Whitecity, was none other than Whitwell players’ own Luke Fletcher.

Not only did Luke host the event, but wrote the murder-mystery too. What talent!

He certainly went to town on his characters’ names.

We were treated to the antics of Baps Windsor (yes - they were real), Cilla Grey, Lacey Knickers, Minnie Skirt, Roxanne Roll and Tommy Gunn amongst others – some of whom it’s perhaps prudent not to mention.

The biggest surprise of the evening came with the announcement that John George, member of the Beatles tribute band the Weevils, was in fact the killer and not the obvious Ronnie Kraze.

However there was no escape for Ronnie as the long arm of the law finally caught up with him for the murder of Jack Top-Hat Digestive Biscuit.

Luke’s murder mystery was quite an event and Whitwell Players rose to the occasion by making us all feel at home and by entertaining us in style.

A simply brilliant evening!

Here’s another one for the diary: Bah! Humbug, Whitwell’s Christmas Carol – the musical runs from 28th November-1st December.

Personally, I can’t wait, and I hope to see you all there

By Wendy Fidoe