Bootleg Beatles: As close to the real deal as it gets

I HAD the pleasure of catching the Bootleg Beatles when they performed at The Anvil in Basingstoke last weekend.

The four piece band, internationally renowned for being the best Beatles tribute group around, will be gigging in Sheffield and Nottinghamshire in December and I can’t recommend them enough.

I myself am far, far, too young to have seen the band first time round so for me this is as good it gets.

I took along my dad who said that when he saw The Beatles as a teenager he could only really hear the screaming.

This was definitely a more mute affair, but the audience were buzzing nonetheless.

The group moved through the decades working their way through LP after LP. Costume changes combined with capturing the mannerisms of their characters also added to the effect.

The lads even succeeded in getting the audience on their feet and dancing on more than one occasion.

What impressed me most about the band was their attention to detail, they nailed the group harmonies on every song.

When you think about the breadth of music The Beatles produced, and the years it took them to do it, to emanate their style so seemlessly through the decades is really impressive.

They played two sets lasting two and a half hours in total. It was the perfect tribute to a band who changed the face to pop, with hit after hit for the audience to enjoy.

Even the wigs were pretty good.

My advice, go and see them as soon as you can.

by Debbie Sansom