'Rage yard’ lets you destroy a car with a 56-tonne tank

A new “destruction therapy” service is offering members of the public the chance to take out their frustration by smashing up old cars with everything from a shotgun to a battle tank.

2020 has been a pretty lousy year for most of us and the creators of the Rage Yard say they have set it up to allow people to vent their pent-up anger in a “car-thartic” manner.

To help people de-stress in a destructive but safe way, the Rage Yard presents participants with a scrap car emblazoned with the number 2020 which they first blast with shotguns before taking the controls of a modified 56-tonne Chieftain tank and crushing the car beneath its massive tracks.

Dan Gick, managing director at Scrap Car Comparison which is offering the service said: “The year 2020 has been one of the absolute worst in living memory, and we wanted to be able to offer customers a way to release all the stress that this year has brought into their lives.

(Photo: Scrap Car Comparison)

“We thought as the year draws to a close, what better way to unleash all your 2020 angst than by taking it out on scrap cars. Our Rage Yard experience provides you with the chance to (safely) shoot scrap cars, before trampling over them in a huge armoured tank. The cars are heading to the scrap heap anyway, so after the year we’ve all had, it made sense to offer this exhilarating experience that should help people let go of their built-up frustrations from 2020 and in turn, feel a bit more calm and serene as we enter the new year”.

Psychologist Dr. Samia Latif commented: “Certain individuals find that relieving tension in an overt physical manner is much more therapeutic and a form of stress relief that works better for them.

“This year, some people have been overwhelmed with stress and tension and the type of destruction therapy offered by the Rage Yard experience may be an ideal way to release stress for those who have not benefited from other therapeutic strategies.”

Slots for the first Rage Yard experience, which takes places at Scrap Car Comparison’s site in Northamptonshire, cost £20.20 and are being issued by ballot. Full details are on the company’s website.

(Photo: Scrap Car Comparison)

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