Donate your unwanted Christmas gifts to Age UK

Christmas may be over, but that doesn’t mean the goodwill has to be.

Save more waste going into landfill and help Age UK carry on its vital work. EMN-211230-131250001
Save more waste going into landfill and help Age UK carry on its vital work. EMN-211230-131250001

The Age UK shop in Sleaford is encouraging local people to keep the Christmas spirit alive by donating their unwanted presents to help the charity raise funds so it can continue to run its vital services and make this winter a little brighter for lonely, older people.

Winter can be one of the toughest and most challenging times of year for older people, with many routine services scaled back over the holiday period and the colder weather making it harder to get out and about. At what can be a difficult time, Age UK’s support services, including the charity’s free and confidential Advice Line and Telephone Friendship services, as well as the Age UK network of local charities, become invaluable lifelines for the most vulnerable older people.

As well as raising funds for vital work, by recycling gifts, the Sleaford shop can help to reduce landfill waste.

The charity has compiled a list of top tips for people looking to donate:

○ Check what can be accepted before you donate.

○ Wash and dry clothing before donating - damaged or soiled items waste time and can be unpleasant for staff and volunteers.

○ Check if there are stains, or tears or an item is missing, its unlikely that can be sold.

○ Donate directly to a charity shop, as they can often sell clothing on to other markets.

Allyson Rollitt, shop manager at the Age UK shop in Sleaford said: “It can be difficult to know what to do with gifts that will never be used, or that you don’t want. As a nation we are more environmentally aware than ever before, so instead of chucking or hiding them away, we are encouraging local residents to donate them to the Age UK shop in Sleaford.

“Age UK is on a mission to collect more donation bags in 2022 than ever before.”

The Sleaford shop is also encouraging people to make their donation worth an extra 25 per cent by signing up to Gift Aid. Age UK will receive an extra 25p from the government for every £1 that is raised from donations and it will not cost you a penny.