Explore the sky at new exhibition

Discover the history of military and civilian balloons and airships with a new exhibition at Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum.
An airship pictured at Cranwell. EMN-170922-145925001An airship pictured at Cranwell. EMN-170922-145925001
An airship pictured at Cranwell. EMN-170922-145925001

Airships over Lincolnshire...Lighter than Air will open this Saturday, September 30.

Visitors will be able to explore the different types of airships, and learn about the history behind of the early airship pioneers, Lt Col CM Waterlow, and the circumstances surrounding his death in the skies over Cranwell.

Early operations at The Royal Navy Air Service Central Training Establishment at Cranwell included training in ballooning and airships at its Lighter than Air Section.

The Central Training Establishment was originally home to naval aviators and personnel of the newly formed Royal Air Force (RAF) at which point the base became RAF Cranwell.

The exhibition will also feature ‘Airlander’, a hybrid airship which is being developed by Hybrid Air Vehicles.

It ends on Sunday, March 25, 2018. Admission is free.

For details on the exhibition and opening times, call 01529 488490.

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